Difference Between Bowling Shoe and Regular Shoe

Most of us don’t really bother about when in the park or in a bowling alley. People will for the most of the times use ordinary sneakers as their ‘bowling alley apparatus’. Well, this is not good. A normal sneaker shoe in a bowling alley is just like playing cricket with a football.

A normal sneaker with a heavier sole, varying inputs of exterior and interior will make life difficult when used in a bowling alley. Use of normal sneakers at bowling alley would result in spoiling your party. It will not only fill the bowling pitch with filth and dirt instead it will make one slip while rolling a ball towards the ‘destination’.

An ‘area of comfort’ will develop which make life difficult not only for you but also for your fellow friends.

A typical bowling shoe may look semi-ugly in design and outlook but are mandatory to be used when dealing with the wooden structure of bowling alley.

A traditional pair of bowling shoe is heel-less and treadless soles that won’t destroy the wooden floor or mar the wood on the lanes. It won’t make your image clumsy either. It will help ‘consolidate’ your position and image at the alley.

A bowling shoe pair usually has one gliding sole and another shoe with a non-gliding sole. An alternate gliding and non-gliding sole help reduce and balance friction forces and save a player from any potential damage. Gliding sole shoe is opposite to the hand being used by the player to roll the ball over the floor.

A traditional bowling shoe won’t annoy a player while on the field of the ‘bowling buzz’; instead he will relinquish the playing moments with ease and devoid of stress from any possible injuries. It’s not about style only when you are on a playing field, it’s about the ease, comfort, and simplicity that matters. Before buying your bowling shoes pair, check out these guides: http://spryshoes.com/best-bowling-shoes/ and  http://beginnerbowlingtips.com/bowling-shoes-getting-your-own-pair

A regular shoe could be more expensive, more luxurious apparently, more stylish decency personified. But it won’t serve the desired purpose and won’t fulfill the terms and conditions mandatory to be on a bowling pitch. Who wants to be a part of the structure that isn’t adequate for the desired job?

Bowling shoe personifies your presence at the bowling ‘arena’.

A simple, decent and ideal scenario requires a unique kit, designed for the specific task. And for a bowling field, it’s not the sneakers that one must wear, it’s a typically designed bowling shoe which is less suffocated with luxurious stuff and variable amounts of leathers.

Heavy or light sneakers will vary our playing patterns; we will worry about disturbing others via unusual sounds arising from sole rubbing through the wooden floors.

Secondly, we won’t be able to show flexible moves or cannot easily open up to perform the all important job of ‘breaking the shackles’ on a bowling alley by having perfect strikes.

Even if not asked by the concerned authorities dealing with a bowling alley it’s important that we perform our tasks with zeal and zest. Preparing ourselves for physical work or games is necessary and being aligned to do so require specific tools as well.

A bowling shoe is light, soft and delicate and will pious things up for you on the playing field.

Next time when you are planning to go for bowling, don’t forget bowling shoes.