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"People should inspire each other."

Tom Peters - 06.06.2008.

Tom Peters is one of best business consultants of today. Yesterday he have held a great presentation in Zagreb where he introduced attendants with his work and economical trends in the world.

If get the chance to visit one of his lectures - certainly do that, and in the meantime got to his web page: www.tompeters.com where you can download a lot of great materials. Besides that, Tom Peters wrote a number of great books on management, so you can try to look after them, too.

The Wings of Honneamise - 24.05.2008.

The Wings of Honneamise (Jp. Oneamisu no Tsubasa) is an Anime SciFi drama, done by Hiroyuki Yamaga and produced by GAINAX, and is one of the anime movies that were not widely accepted. Over time, unique world of Honneamise, great story with many novel ideas, propelled "Wings" to the cult status amongst other great anime titles.


The story is set on a planet very similar to Earth, where a unique steampunk-like civilization flourish, with a backdrop of an impending war between two bordering nations. While politicians are playing their games, bunch of scientists are trying to put a first man in space. In the end the war starts at the same moment they succeed, and first astronaut sends these words orbiting the planet:

City lights...
I wander where they are...?

They really do look like stars...

Is anybody down there listening to this broadcast?

This is mankind's first astronaut.

The human race has just taken its first step into the world of the stars.

Like the oceans and mountains before, space too was once just God's domain.

As it becomes a familiar place for us, it'll probably end up as bad as everywhere else we've meddled.

We've spoiled the land,
we've fouled the air.

Yet we still seek new places to live and so now we journey out to space.

There's probably no limit to how far we can spread.

Whoever's listening to me...

How you do it doesn't matter, just please...
Give some thanks for mankind's arrival here.

Please, show us mercy (god) and forgive us.

Don't let the way ahead be one of darkness.

As we stumble down the path our sinful history...
...let there always be one shining star to show the way.

FutureFood.org in Croatian language - 04.03.2008.

FUTUREfood.org is an Austrian based Internet-Initiative with the purpose of distributing information about alternatives to animal derived food products. In addition, Future Food team also have the aim of accelerating the research into and development of cultured meat (in-vitro meat), as using animals in meat production is one of the main factors of global warming, death in human population, and a source of enormous cruelty towards animals.

After few months work, the translation to Croatian language is now completely finished.


WAR DANCE - 02.03.2008.

When you watch some movie, and when something really bad starts happening you can always say "OK, this is only a movie, everything will be ok." Unfortunately that is not the case with WAR DANCE (@ Zagreb DOX), as the story told by three children is soul wrenching trip of horror of Ugandan war, making you look upon your own problems with a smile. I would definitely recommend this movie, as it changes the way we see the world around us.


Best business plan 2007 competition - 06.12.2007.

The second place is won at the Best business plan 2007 competition in organization by Croatian Technology transfer office, in front of the expert evaluation committee.The subject of the business plan was "Voopie - intelligent fast food", which was developed by Dubravka Novotni, nutrition PhD student at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb and me.

Members of the committeewere:

I suppose there is no need to emphasize that I am quite happy because of the result! Smiley

Some photographs from the competition:


Photo - 02.12.2007.

A new section of this webpage!

Photo is a galleryof photographs that I have shoot and thatI particularly like. I hope you will enjoy them! Here are some of the photos:


Memento - PSE - second edition - 11.11.2007.

Second edition of Memento Periodni sustav elemenata is here. First presentation of this Memento happened at the beginning of this year Interliber at Zagreb fair. New edition brings many new information about chemical elements from different fields of science.

Second edition of Memento Periodni sustav elemenata:


Multimedia CD with Periodic table of elements - 18.09.2007.

In collaboration with publishing company Profil International, I worked on multimedia periodic system of elements, which was published as a supplement to a chemistry manual for seventh and eighth grade of primary school (Svijet tvari 1 and Svijet tvari 2). My Memento - Periodni sustav elemenata (Periodic table of elements) served as a foundation of this interactive learning resource.

Development of this multimedia periodic table took about a year. During that time, I worked a lot with professionals from Profil International, and I hope that we will continue to work together on project yet to come.

Svijet tvari 1 i 2:
Interactive Periodic table of elements:

ENTER THE STARGATE by Lee Sillitoe - 03.09.2007.

Lee. Unusual persona. When you look into his eyes – you can see something dreamy and strange. He wrote and read this song at the party at the last night in a hotel where we all stayed for two weeks.


We are entering age of liberation
Liberation from Social convention, repression, political correctness, modern fascism, false belief systems.
It is time to crack the crust of the planet
It is time to create a new world – start a fire
burn the books that bind us in chains
It is time to open a portal
A portal through which a new and potent creative juice may flow
The universe is aching and crying for you to be free
Free to sing & dance your truth
Free from the good opinion of others
Don’t allow yourself to be educated
You, and only you, know what is right for you
All that y¬¬ou will ever need is within you
Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters
You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows
The universe isn’t impressed with your cars, collateral of financial times
It isn’t interested in your social status or designer furniture
Yeah, you may think it looks nice – but it’s not comfy to sit on, is it?!
Do without fear, what others consider to be unacceptable
But take care
All that we do now must be done in beauty
For many will be afraid
They will assume you are mad
They have not seen the magic
and they do not hear the music to which you dance
They will reject you & ridicule you
They will make you feel outcast
But you must not feel resentment toward these people
Their lack of vision is Their loss
They have been conditioned Control Systems based on fear
Ruled by unscrupulous media
By men in suits who eat good food, but don’t know how to cook it
So, it is time for you to be the creator
Paint your canvas – make your mark
Burst wide open
Knock the world of it’s feet
Wake it up
Shake it up
Splash paint across the walls
make it real
Live the dream
Bend the rules
Go to the extremes
Fashion a magic teapot from Sacred clay
Fill it with love
drink from the magic spring
Live in a shoe
wear your underpants on your head
write a love letter
Feed a mystic Kitten
free every Soul
Sleep in a bed made of flowers
Touch the hearts of whom you meet
Reach out
Show your colours
Give others the power to shine
Build a Sacred Space
Fill it with animals
Invite a friend to tea
Fish fingers, chips & peas
Share home made lemonade in a tree house
If you love Someone - tell them
Admiration is worthless at a distance
plant an apple tree in the sky
give the fruit to the rat race
open a tin of tangerine stars
mix them into a purple soup
Feed the homeless
Lick chocolate from your lover’s breast
Curl into a ball
A bundle of fluff
Cute and funny
Play hide & seek in a Secret garden
Spinning on infinity
A Thousand miles high
magic circles around your soul
open to infinity
Lost for words
This is a new day
This is the beginning
This is what the world’s been waiting for
It is the time to give your gift to the world
To leave the world better place than you found it
Intoxicate yourself with love – then spread it
like a fever
like a beautiful virus bug
Dust your hair with icing Sugar
Forget your past
Burn all your clothes
leap into a mud puddle
Dance naked together & make love with the universe in the Sunshine of its golden shore
For Heaven’s Sake,
wake up!

Isabel Munoz - 20.07.2007.

Isabel Munoz - a great photographer.

I have stared in the photo of the biker and his girl for days.


Dugoselska biciklijada - poster - 18.07.2007.

I have designed a nice poster fog Dugoselska biciklijada happening. (A short bike tour round Long Village, Croatia, that will occur at 19.8.2007.)



MORE - 04.07.2007.

Your eyes could easily get wet when you watch this short movie – MORE by Mark Osborne.


Your childhood is not lost. Just try to spot nice things around you. Smiley

Unusual microbes - 29.06.2007.

Bob Bruner, from Berkeley University, has created a web page about unusual microbes.

If you want to learn about interesting micro organisms from the cutting edge of the microbiology, visit the site and enjoy!

Memento is live on Google Books! - 20.06.2007.

Memento of the Periodic system of the elements is live on Google books!

You can browse the Memento there!

tURBO SPORT! catalogue '07 - 07.06.2007.

This year, people from Magma d.d. engaged me to write them a short guides about different aspects of biking for their spring/summer 2007. Bicycle catalogue. (in Croatian language)


We want to sleep peacefully - 31.05.2007.

My SXC photo has been chosen for making the poster for social campaign against animal abandonment. Adorna Marika designed the poster with my photo of the sleeping puppy, and that design was later selected in the open contest for best design.

Damn, I feel proud!! Smiley


BBC Radio - Dr Craig Venter interview - 23.05.2007.

Dr Craig Venter is one of the men who mapped the human genome. He gave great interview on BBC.

Q: "Are you a dreamer with you head in the clouds, or do you have your feet firmly on the ground?"

A: ... "This time it's a question of whether my dreams are bigger than what's possible, but I am not afraid to try."

TUNE IN! - Wednesday (Available for one week.)

Six word stories - 14.05.2007.

Few good six word stories, written by different authors of novels, stories, etc. Taken from WIRED Magazine.

Longed for him. Got him. Shit. - Margaret Atwood

We kissed. She melted. Mop please! - James Patrick Kelly

It’s behind you! Hurry before it - Rockne S. O’Bannon

I’m your future, child. Don’t cry. - Stephen Baxter

The baby’s blood type? Human, mostly. - Orson Scott Card

We went solar; sun went nova. - Ken MacLeod

Heaven falls. Details at eleven. - Robert Jordan

Bush told the truth. Hell froze. - William Gibson

God to Earth: “Cry more, noobs!” - Marc Laidlaw

There were only six words left. - Gregory Maguire

I win lottery. Sun goes nova. - Steven Meretzky

Dorothy: "Fuck it, I'll stay here." - Steven Meretzky

Deep blue sky - 10.05.2007.

Read about an simple and easy way to throw yourself from 3000 meters - and how to survive that experience in the same time.


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